Haleeb Foods Limited (HFL) is Pakistan's leading Food and Beverage Company with foremost focus on hygiene, nutrition, health and well being of its consumers. We are one of the pioneers of the dairy sector in Pakistan and have contributed substantially to the continuous growth of this sector.

We are committed to providing good food in a responsible way through robust animal care, employee safety, environmental, and food safety and quality check programs. Established in 1984, Haleeb Foods operates two state-of-the-art dairy processing plants in Bhai Pheru and Rahim Yar Khan and has a milk collection network of over 170 collection points. With more than 300 employees across Pakistan, we drive sustainable business practices for a better and healthier tomorrow.

Our portfolio, which includes many of Pakistan's favorite brands, comprises of a diverse range of delicious and quality products ranging from milk to juices and pure ghee. Our production processes are certified in accordance with stringent quality standards such as ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management system, ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management system, ISO 14001 Environment Management system, Halal Foods Management System and Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) licensing (Product certified).


1984 With a capital of Rs. 46 million, HFL was established under the name of Chaudhary Dairies Limited (CDL), eventually changing to Haleeb Foods Limited (HFL).
1985-1986 HFL started its operations, becoming one of the pioneers in the Pakistani dairy industry with its state-of-the-art plant. Covering a total of 32 acres, the plant produced around 80,000 liters of milk, per day. On May 21, 1986, Haleeb UHT Milk was launched.
1989 HFL established an equity partnership with Friesland Frico Domo (Friesland Dairy Foods) in the Netherlands.
1991 HFL commissioned a milk powder plant at the Bhai Pheru Plant.
1997 HFL successfully qualified for the ISO – 9002 Certification and launched the "Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee" product that helped evolve the company into a brand and resulted in improving the different turnover rates of the company.
1998 HFL entered into an agreement for a franchise with Cedilac, in France. Under this agreement, the company launched a range of dairy products (most famous of which was Candia) that were made with the latest production technique, and marketing practices. Haleeb Foods also launched UHT cream and Skimz Milk Powder.
2000 Tropico Juice in three exciting flavors was launched in the market. The juice received agreat response from people all over Pakistan.
2001 Dairy Queen, a specialized tea creamer available in a modern 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino® Aseptic Packaging, became available in the market. This brand won the hearts of our consumers across Pakistan.
2002 HFL contributed to 54% of the country's packed milk market, which resulted in ranking the company as one of the leading national brands.
2003 HFL received the title of the largest food brand in Pakistan and obtained the ISO-9001:2000, HACCP Certification.
2004 The company's corporate name changed to Haleeb Foods Limited. A range of pure juices were introduced, which earned the brand the name of "Good Day".
2005 HFL successfully established a second processing facility, located in Rahim Yar Khan (RYK).Spread over a total area of 570 kanals,the plant has sophisticated operations.
2006 HFL launched the Aseptic Poly pouch in collaboration with DuPont, USA. HFL moved from solely being in the dairy industry category tofood category by introducing items like firni (milk-based dessert), powdered custard, ice cream, kheer (milk-based dessert), and jelly.
2008 The Rahim Yar Khan plant was upgraded to accommodate a state-of-the-art milk powder plant. An Anhydro Powder Plant from Anhydro A/S Denmark was set up to facilitate the production of baby food. The new design of the plant ensures minimum wastage while retaining maximum hygiene and product integrity.
2009 VMFG (Pvt) Ltd acquired a significant shareholding in Haleeb Foods Limited.
2010 HFL launched more products such as Fun Milk, Just Fruit and Tea Max, which contributed positively to the company's growth.
2011 New management brought on by VMFG (Pvt) Ltd introduced a fresh and modern approach to HFL. The new ideology they promoted was that: "By thinking harder we plot a strategy that will safely steer our company to uninterrupted triumph".
2012 VMFG (Pvt) Ltd became the majority shareholder in Haleeb Foods Limited. HFL improved its profitability, focused on innovation and launched some new brands while revamping the old ones.
2013 HFL became profitable during this year, after facing a tough financial crunch in the preceding year.
2014 Keeping in mind the motto that hard work and a determined mindset can lead to unimaginable success, HFL's new and young management team did a marvelous job when it joined the Tetra Pak® One Billion pack club. There are only 5 Tetra Pak customers selling above 1 billion packs in the Greater Middle East & Africa region.
2015 With the re-activation of HFL's Rahim Yar Khan Plant and adding the new Tetra Pak® A3/Speed A3 speed machines to its fleet, HFL directed itself to achieve new heights.
2016 With new team members, having a diverse experience in the food processing and packaging industry, the company launched a range of exciting marketing communication campaigns for Haleeb Milk and Tea Max.
2017 Reactivation of waste water treatment plant & water conservation at Bhai Pheru Plant was initiated and a medical inspection room was established at HFL's Bhai Pheru Plant. A new corporate brand identity is introduced in tandem with the launch of FLAVA flavored milk in four flavors.