VISION To be in every consumer’s home through the high-quality safe products we bring to their everyday life.



MISSION To incorporate our wholesome product range into the daily life of our consumers through the safe, health conscious and socially responsible best practices that define Haleeb Foods.



INTEGRITY Haleeb Foods Ltd (HFL) has developed and sustained a reputation for being an organization that upholds values including fair play, reliability, honesty and no discrimination based on gender, cast, religion or creed. These values are the fundamental pillars of our success and we take pride in conducting our business in a manner that consistently emboldens and upholds them.
PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE From product development to packaging, we ensure the finished product not only satisfies the consumer but also gives them good value for money. At HFL, we are looking to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Embracing excellence, we are whole-heartedly dedicated to the idea of perfection, manifesting it in everything we do.
EMPOWERMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY Empowerment and accountability are concepts that we believe aid our employees at all levels, helping them develop skills and think independently. This promotes ownership,creating a more effective, result oriented business environment.
CO-OPERATIVE SPIRIT Working together, allows one to reap various benefits, including pooling talent and expertise ultimately result in higher productivity. To create more value for our work practices, experienced and capable top management receive consistent counseling that allows our employees to work towards creating a unified vision.
ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH AND SAFETY Haleeb Foods Limited holds the ISO 9001-2008, 14001 and the 2200 certifications. We endeavor to follow and promote procedures, which comply and prioritize employee health and safety. We ensure our human capital leads a brighter, safer and happier future by continuously raising awareness about work place safety.
CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We believe in giving back in order to make a positive impact on communities we operate in. We have integrated our operations along with various activities and projects such as MEDA Pakistan, Pure strings and Pathways. We also use environmentally friendly practices in operations..