Milk Collection Proces

With a strong focus on hygiene, nutrition, health and the well being of its consumers, HFL uses world class dairy processing methods to produce all of its products. The processes include milk collection from the best dairy farms, safe transportation, lab testing, pasteurization, clarification, homogenization, UHT treatment and aseptic storage before packaging and distribution.

Seven different tests are performed at raw milk collection points, with the raw milk being rejected if it failsany of these tests. Following these tests, more than 23 tests are done at Haleeb's milk screening laboratory to determine the quality of milk.

A process monitoring laboratory isalso operational under the supervision of a specialist in dairy technology. The laboratory meticulously monitors online batch standardization and the milk filling process.

The microbiology laboratory at the Haleeb production unit regularly analyses the raw material and packaging material as a Standard Operating Procedure, to confirm if these are compliant with the requisite quality standards.

Another Standard Operating Procedureis tomaintains a track record of the product after production, through an automated system, with samples from each production batch being tested before the batch is cleared for packaging.

The quality control and assurance teams at both our plants and in the field include no less than 54 qualified staff members.

1- Milk Collection

A. Fresh and pure milk is collected from the best dairy farms and safely brought to the milk sub centers.

B. At the sub center, milk is stored in large chillers. These hygienic, clean standard chillers keep the milk chilled at a temperature below 10 °C.

C. Different sub centers feed the main center from where large quantities of milk are safely transported to our factories ensuring that nature's goodness is preserved in its best form.

2- Lab Testing:

At the factory quality checks are performed with utmost precision and integrity. Our staff is amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry, who diligently ensure that every single test is conducted accurately.

3- Pasteurization:

Once the quality of milk is ensured, it is sent for pasteurization. Pasteurization is the heat treatment of milk to kill pathogenic bacteria and reduce enzymatic activity. The purpose of pasteurization is to make the product safe for consumption and to lengthen the product's shelf life. This process kills any bacteria living in the milk that could be harmful to humans. Read more here

A. Clarification:
The milk is filtered and clarified in such a way that it is free from any dust particles and impurities.

B. Homogenization:
The milk is heated to 85 °C and then quickly cooled to 4 °C. This process mixes the cream thoroughly into the milk,which is then standardized to achieve uniformity of taste and quality all over.Homogenization is used to achieve a variety of different results: to prevent a cream line and sedimentation in milk products;andto improve the viscosity, taste and texture of cream or juice-based drinks. Read more here

4- UHT Treatment:

The milk undergoes an Ultra High Treatment where it is heated to 140°C and then cooled to 30 °C for an extremely short period (around 2-3 seconds). Used for the sterilization of low acid foods, UHT treatment involves heating the product to over 135 °C. It destroys all microorganisms, making the end product suitable for ambient distribution. This treatment ensures a safer product for the consumer with better shelf life at ambient temperatures. Read more here

5- Aseptic Storage:

The pasteurized and UHT treated milk is carefully stored in a sterilized environment in aseptic storage tanks.

6- Packaging:

The milk is finally packed,using machines, in 6 layers of paper packaging, which ensures safety from germs, air and light and is sealed to the finest quality.

7 - Distribution:

The packaged milk is nowtaken by trucks to supermarkets and stores all over the country. Our distribution network ensures timely delivery of our products making them available to millions of consumers nationwide.